1. SIGMASOFT® Simulation Strategies

Is it enough to calculate the part? What do I need to know about the process? Should I calculate the tool? These and similar questions arise in everyday use of SIGMASOFT® and will be answered during the training.

Starting with the initial idea of the part through to ongoing production, simulation strategies are discussed that accelerate decision-making processes. Through the efficient use of these strategies, SIGMASOFT® noticeably expands the scope of action.

During the training, the necessary actions in the areas of design, tool making and process technology will be discussed.

With clear workflows and examples, a systematic approach is developed to support everyday work. A specific practical example will be used and the route from article simulation to virtual molding using SIGMASOFT® will be followed.

After the training, the participants will be equipped with the appropriate simulation strategies specifically for each project status.

Duration: 1 day

Requirements: Completed Implementation Program

2. DoE Training – Setup and Handling

The aim of this training is to gain deeper understanding of preparing and evaluating a DoE using SIGMASOFT®. Virtual DoE is not only a consistent continuation of our virtual molding technology, but also a revolutionary step that sets our software apart from the usual simulation approaches.

You will be able to find the optimal configuration for your simulation just by defining degrees of freedom and your general goals. This makes it very easy to find the perfect process parameters even before setting up the mold, which saves time as well as money. The implementation of the SIGMASOFT® Concept will be discussed with the help of illustrative examples.

Duration: 1 day

Requirements: Completed Implementation Program

3. Stress Training – Shrinkage & Warpage

How does the injection molding process influence the shrinkage and warpage of the part? Is it reasonable to adopt the cavity geometry to compensate for the warpage? If yes, to what extent? As a design/production engineer or manufacturer of injection molds you deal with questions of that kind every day.

The Stress Training is a chance to refresh your basics and deepen your knowledge on how to predict warpage with SIGMASOFT®.

We present our guidelines that help you evaluate various scenarios you may face on the way from designing the plastic part up to the production phase – and successfully manage this to make the right decisions with the help of SIGMASOFT®. 

Duration: 1 day

Requirements: Completed Implementation Program

4. Version Update Training

After participating in our version update training, experienced users have the necessary tools to quickly integrate new SIGMASOFT® functionalities into their daily work and to use them efficiently. The courses accompany every new SIGMASOFT® release and are currently offered for our version SIGMASOFT® v5.3.1

Duration: 1 day

Requirements: Completed Implementation Program


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