SIGMASOFT® Implementation Program

A professional three stage implementation program that secures your investment. This customized program includes consultation, installation and preparation in your organization to pave the way for a robust injection molding process optimization and then converts into a mutually beneficial relation for continued education and support.

Phase 1: Installation and Preparation

  • During the “Pre-Implementation Meeting”, the account manager will identify the SIGMA team at your site. A customized roadmap of the implementation plan will be developed jointly by SIGMA team and your team.

  • SIGMAacademy provides training consultation on identifying the correct training courses and sequence of training sessions for main user(s) as well as the intermittent user(s).

  • Assistance with recommendation for hardware configuration, installation of the software, licensing assistance and verification of correct working condition.

Phase 2: User Training and Development

  • The user development starts with a 4 day Basic Training in our SIGMAacademy facilities in Singapore. Our academy environment guarantees a maximum training efficiency. Our team of industry professionals with practical and theoretical experience in injection molding assures the successful usage in the future.

  • Following the Basic Training we provide a 3 day Advanced Training at your site.

  • After the Advanced Training, a graduation project will be selected and objectives will be identified. This project will be the major subject of the final 3 day Expert Graduation. During this, the effective use of SIGMASOFT® as a tool to solve real injection molding issues will be discussed.

  • The SIGMA team will assist and coach the user(s) in analyzing, preparing and presenting results of the graduation project to the management.

Phase 3: Deeper Integration

  • Management seminar to review the successful implementation and  guarantee management and decision makers’ awareness of the benefits of SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding on the business and operation aspects.

  • A direct support relationship between the user(s) and SIGMA technical team will be established to assist with continued technical knowledge transfer.

Duration: All training shall be completed within 3 months from installation

Requirements: None


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