We link the virtual world of simulation with the real world of plastic injection molding. “Knowledge instead of assumption” is our concept to visualize and optimize the production processes of plastic components.

As the OEM of high-end plastic simulation software, SIGMA is established in the leading companies of multiple industry branches like automotive, medical, consumer product, packaging technology, etc. Our simulation program SIGMASOFT® is used to calculate and visualize the thermal, rheological, and thermo mechanical processes during the production of thermoplast and thermoset components as well as of elastomer parts. The results are not only used for the design and optimization of injection molds and processes but also for the design, layout, and dimensioning of plastic parts.

Internships Opportunities

Give your future career a headstart by learning with us. We offer tertiary students internship opportunities across our various divisions, providing both practical experience and exposure to our operations while you undergo your studies. You’ll work on client projects, develop technical skills and experience our vibrant culture. Interns with good performance ratings may be offered full-time positions upon graduation!

We are looking forward to welcoming you in the world of MAGMA!

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