SIGMASOFT® Thermoset

SIGMASOFT® is the most complete and accurate simulation software package currently available to simulate the processing of thermosets, both for injection and mold-transfer processes. Beyond the prediction of filling and curing behavior, its highly sophisticated 3D solver technology allows to simulate also complex effects, such as jetting or plug-flow. As the only software in the market to effortlessly integrate the complete mold information within the simulation, it allows furthermore to predict the impact of mold components, processing times and temperatures in the filling and curing reaction of thermoset materials.

The Thermoset module includes the following features (click to expand):

  • Prediction of the filling behavior
  • Prediction of flow front propagation, fountain flow, plug flow behavior and jetting effects
  • Fiber orientation of fiber-reinforced materials
  • Calculation of the pressure loss
  • Calculation of curing and scorch, also during filling
  • Effect of the exothermic reaction during curing on the temperature distribution
  • Effect of the curing reaction on the viscosity
  • Curing time and curing degree at every location of the part
  • Evaluation of venting concepts
  • Air traps location
  • Simulation of electrical heaters in the mold with coupled PID control
  • Effect of insert pre-heating and insert material in the curing behavior
  • Post-curing outside the mold and external tempering
  • Cold runner

Mold tempering: selecting the best layout

In the development process of thermoset parts, once the topics around part design are solved new questions arise regarding the definition of the mold concept and the selection of the processing window:

  • Where to place the heating cartridges?
  • How many heaters should be placed?
  • How much power is required for each cartridge?
  • How can the curing time be reduced?
  • Are there cold spots in the mold?
  • Is the isolation between the cold runner and the part effective?
  • Where should thermocouples be placed?

SIGMASOFT® is a comprehensive and easy-to-use tool to answer those questions. With the technology of Virtual Molding, it reproduces exactly the same working conditions as in the machine and runs several cycles one after other. The electrical heaters can be simulated exactly as in reality, with all the information about their material, power and control system. In this way, the thermal layout of the mold can be understood and optimized.

SIGMASOFT® uses an intuitive graphical user interface to guide the user through the setup step by step. An intelligent meshing algorithm generates a 3D mesh for a complete mold within less than 5 minutes. No mesh stitching or triangle moving is necessary, not even for an entire system. The possibility to load in complete mold geometries allows SIGMASOFT® to truly look into the process.

Outstanding engineering at your service

Success in plastic injection molding simulation calls for direct contact between users and a competent engineering team, with a solid technical background in plastics. Our strong and effective support network, a committed after-sales service and an application-oriented group of developers work closely with you to increase your profit.

Virtual Molding

For a good prediction of what happens on the machine it is important to take into account not only the part, but also the full mold and process. We call this approach SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding.

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