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SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding was developed to overcome today’s big challenges for development, mold design and production in injection molding. The difference is the unique holistic simulation approach of the SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding principle: the real 3D simulation of flow, heat flux and warpage including all details of the process. The goal is to obtain reliable information as only acceptable premise for right, solid decisions.

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You want to share SIGMASOFT® 3D results with colleagues and customers? Try the new SIGMAinteract®!

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8/25/21   |   Online

LSR Technology Conference

Join our conference to discover and gain insights about the latest technological advances of LSR...

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9/28/21 -  10/28/21   |   Online

TaipeiPLAS 2021 Online Exhibition

Find us at TaipeiPLAS [virtual show]. We're looking forward to share and exchange ideas with you!

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11/9/21 -  11/10/21   |   online

SIGMASOFT® Virtual User Meeting

As a special measure during these very special circumstances SIGMA will hold a SIGMASOFT® Virtual User Meeting (Virtual UM) this year. ...

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New Version of SIGMASOFT® Released

We are happy to announce the latest release of our software SIGMASOFT®. ...

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First Slovenian Tech Day - Register now

The first Slovenian Tech Day will take place at the 15th October 2020 at Congress Center Brdo in Kranj, Slovenia. ...

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The new SIGMAinteract

Show simulations, evaluate them in 3D, and discuss Details. You can now easily share your own results with customers and colleagues - ...

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