We are back - The SIGMA Technical Talks are going into the next round!

Due to the great response to last year's SIGMA Technical Talks, we're kicking off a month of interesting webinars this spring with new topics and partners.

We were again able to gain many experts from partner companies for our weekly webinars in March. The main topics are injection molding of thermoplastics, elastomers and LSR, as well as compression molding of elastomers. Depending on the date, the events will be held in different languages; in addition to German and English, there will also be dates in French and Spanish.

Explore our Technical Talks in March each Wednesday at 10 a.m. and easily register through our Academy Calendar.

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For 20 years we are the expert on all kinds of injection molding simulation. From part to process we help to optimize plastic, rubber, thermoset and PIM applications. Here you can learn more about the company behind SIGMASOFT®.

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