Successful First SIGMASOFT® Virtual User Meeting

SIGMA Engineering looks back on a successful first SIGMASOFT® Virtual User Meeting with 124 participating customers from 24 countries all over the world. The one-and-a-half-day event was filled with interesting presentations from customers, development and SIGMA team. Fruitful discussions during our “Meet the Experts” sessions completed the program.

We are especially glad, we could win some of our customers to contribute to the program with fascinating presentations. The Virtual User Meeting would have been much less successful without them!

For the SIGMA team it was a pleasure to meet our customers again at least in the digital world and to have the opportunity for discussing different SIGMASOFT® topics. As we strongly believe that this kind of exchange is an integral part of our relationship with our customers, we are very grateful for the number of people who could participate and the talks we could have with them during the meeting. It is much to be hoped, that this kind of discussions will again be possible in person soon. Thus, we already look forward to hopefully meeting all customers in person during K show in 2022.

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For 20 years we are the expert on all kinds of injection molding simulation. From part to process we help to optimize plastic, rubber, thermoset and PIM applications. Here you can learn more about the company behind SIGMASOFT®.

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